Chinese History
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描述:“My illustrations are inspired by stories. I love culture. I think that any national culture should not only be carried forward in its own country, but it also needs to be extended to the world, because the heritage of the nation (art,ideas,beliefs, values) also belongs to everyone. Ancient Chinese mythology is the original story our ancestors created, and sustained in social practice.

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This ancient trade route starts in the old capitals of Luoyang and Xian, and reaches the Yellow River at Lanzhou. Travel through deserts where silk traders have traveled for thousands of years. You can discover the ancient mysteries of the Silk Road including bazaars where merchants haggle over camels and carpets, where you can meet the nomadic minorities of China, and attend music, dance and artistic performances. These tours are often combined with stops to Beijing, Xian, and Dun Huang to make your China travel adventure vacation complete.

It is said that Nü Wa existed in the beginning of the world. She felt lonely as there were no animals so she began the creation of animals and humans. On the first day she created chickens. On the second day she created dogs. On the third day she created sheep. On the fourth day she created pigs. On the fifth day she created cows. On the sixth day she created horses. On the seventh day she began creating men from yellow clay, sculpting each one individually, yet after she had created hundreds of figures in this way she still had more to make but had grown tired of the laborious process.

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