Little Hakka's Magic Hat
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客户:Little Hakka

描述:Little Hakka is an active,curious girl whereas her sister is passive. Her hat can be transformed into many forms. Art style is minimalist for providing room for imagination. With silhouette approach, audience can focus on storytelling and the character relationship. Secondary colours in colour wheel is used for harmony feel. Characters' skin are violet for making them accessible and universal with ambiguous skin tones. Shenzhen’s landmarks (round house and Fairy Lake) are used to enhance story.

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Spread 1: Little Hakka has a magic hat, she likes to wear it everyday.

Spread 2: No matter sunny or raining day, she always has best shade to share.

Spread 3: “Roll, roll, roll the hat!” Little Hakka says to her sister, “Let’s see who is faster?” They spend the whole day to play tag.

Spread 4: They want to visit Fairy Lake, it is never too late with this amazing hat.

Spread 5: Sailing across stars and moon, they sing a happy song.

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