Greetings from Ottakring
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客户:District Service of Vienna

描述:You Illustrations = postcard. An interactive postcard event taking place in Vienna’s most diverse district. Passersby posed against the backdrop of shop windows decorated by hand-made cardboard illustrations. The interaction was captured by photographs and visitors became part of the illustration themselves.

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Greetings from Ottakring - project desciption

Greetings from Ottakring / Schoene Gruesse von der Ottakringer StrasseOn 10th September 2011, dasviadukt in cooperation with GB*16 and GB*17/18, the District Service of Vienna’s 16th and 17th/18th districts, organized an interactive postcard-event at the vacant travel agency “Reisebuero Ottakringerstraße”. Visitors and passersby were invited to get involved and pose against the backdrop of large shopwindows, decorated with hand-made cardboard illustrations alluding to different parts of the world. For some, the scenery represented popular holiday destinations. Others, particularly relevant in Vienna’s most multicultural and diverse 16th district, were reminded of their native homelands. Participants could personalize their scenery of choice by including additional props, either using the ones already prepared by the dasviadukt team, or for the more creative, with self-made accessories made in the a small drawing workshop located within the travel agency. The individual sceneries were t

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