Reigning Heads
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描述:We live in an information-explosive era where we actively or passively receive different types of information. As a result, we feel less obligated to fulfill basic civic duties and exercise compassion; many of us have become increasingly indifferent and apathetic. This terrifying state of being motivated me to conceive of and make this picture book Reigning Heads. Reigning Heads tells a surreal and dystopian story of a far-away planet filled with Beings that care about nothing but themselves and are controlled by the Heads. The story is a critique on selfishness – both as a self-centered act and a projection of personal value systems onto others without careful consideration of their individuality. The tension between the Heads and the Beings illustrate how selfishness can translate into empathy through actively acknowledging the selfish desires of others. The book reflects the ways in which modern society has become increasingly self-serving, narcissistic, and apathetic. It warns

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