Witches of the Nine Worlds
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描述:Working on this spiritual, chakra themed illustration series was a huge but very exciting work (or joy?) of research, meditation, sketching, drawing, inking and painting. Chakras are energy centres in the body, and there are several of them. There are 7 main chakras in the physical body which I depicted and I also chose one below the feet and above the head. Each of them has several tasks or I should rather say topics around which they revolve, shortly: Earth star chakra – connection to the Earth, ancestorsRoot chakra – safety, survivalSacral chakra – creativity, sexualitySolar Plexus – self-confidence, powerHeart chakra – love, self-nurturingThroat chakra – communication, self-expression, truthThird eye – self-perception, intuitionCrown chakra – divine connection, higher goalsSoul star chakra – divine plans, karmic connections I wanted to stay thorough about the information (the symbols I use) and in the same time let my intuition create something unique. I chose minerals, plants, ani

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