Lifestyle Tendencies
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描述:These illustrations are created for issue 127, 129, 131 and 133 in 2016.

标签: collage  lifestyle  illustration 

低头一族-The development of smartphones has hugely changes human's life. With our heads down, many of us are rather addicted to the interface in our palm.

复古风潮-Nostalgia is fashionable. Old fashion can be on top of the fashion trend since the tide is always a loop. Vintage is never outdated in the eyes of its lovers.

绘画爱好-A studio is very ideal for illustrators and cartoonists. More and more people are taking part in freelancers nowadays, which is a really nice thing to realize what they love.

博物探险-There's a group of people who are never keen of high-tech life, and they're interested in exploring the mystery of life. Back into the grand Nature, and you will find delightful secrets.

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