白蛇·嵩山·人凤 white snake· Mountain Song·Phoenix man
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标签: 白蛇·嵩山·人凤 white snake· Mountain Song·Phoenix man 

white snake· Mountain Song·Phoenix man

My idol is Guo Zi Kai, a painter drawing in a unique style which combine Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes murals with Japanese-Tang Dyansty style. Having been paying my attention to him for four years, witnessed all the progresses he made step by step, from picture books to plaster to film and every step is steady and unaffectedl.These two days I want to use my way to re-interpretation of his favorite story. Although time is urgent and workload of hand drawing is a lot, under the guidance of my instructor it moves on pretty smoothly. Because there is tons of works need to be done in original plan as well as I practice hand drawing less recently, this decision is indeed not a small challenge for me. I really hope my idol can feel my pure sincerity when he receives my gift, a teacaddy and a turning scripture ,which I use splash-ink to let the free flowing ink form the most natural pattern and texture as the background.All my imaginations are just farfetched presented on the surface of my gifts

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