there is no fear in love
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描述:系列绘图运用了近景和远景的视角,让我们从近景中看到三位享受自然和生活的孩子,面带笑容的他们仿佛看到从心中发出的亮光;但从远景才发现这确是一群弱势儿童,有着视觉障碍,肢体障碍。但并不会影响他们将爱的微笑展露出来。真的是在爱中没有惧怕!Series of drawing using close range and long-term perspective, let us see the three enjoy the nature and life of children from close range, smiling as they see from the hearts of the light; but from the perspective that this is indeed a group of vulnerable children with visual impairment, limb obstacle. But it will not affect their love smile out. There is no fear in love!

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近景中看到一个正在逮蝈蝈的男孩,质朴的笑容中看到对自然地好奇心。In a close range is the catch grasshopper boy saw, simple smile to see natural curiosity.

在远景中,我们却发现,这个逮蝈蝈的男孩确实没有双腿的,但他的笑容,他的爱心与敬畏自然地心却迎来了自然热情的问候。 we have found that the boy did not catch grasshopper legs, but his smile, his love and reverence for nature's nature has ushered in a warm greeting.

小宝宝吃了满桌子的面条,眼神中还在向什么地方看去?The baby ate a full table of noodles, look in the eyes to see where to go?

原来宝宝是天生没有左臂的孩子,但他没吃完自己的饭时还顾着去喂养家里的好朋友也是同样肢体残疾的狗狗。The baby is born without a left child, but he has not finished his meal when Guzhe to feed a good friend of the family is also disabled dogs.

他闭着眼,似乎在做些什么。He closed his eyes and seemed to be doing something.

他竟然将鸡圈外掉落的鸡羽毛又都扔了进去。He will fall outside the barn and chicken feather are thrown in.

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