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客户:Self project

描述:a project to illustrate Dante interno

标签: dante  inferno  simony  sins  hell 


Hypocrisy - punished with an iron coat

Embezzlement - punished with a lake of flood

Theft - punished with a lot of snakes that bite you and transform you into one

Limbo - the place were the righteous are

Fraudulent - punished to be in a flame for all eternity

Gluttony - punished with an eternal rain

Discord - Punished by blades that cut them and then regenerate them

Anger - Punished in a boiling lake

Forgers - The are always sick

Homicides - they lie under the boiling water

Treason - Judesca - This is were judas and the devil hims self lie under the frozen ice

Suicide - The are turned into trees

Violence - They lie under an eternal rain of fire

Simony - the are turned upside down in a pit of fire

fortune tellers - their head is turned backwards and they have to walk like that forever in circles

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