I am fat,can you?
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描述:This is a story about fat woman. Everyone has a different attitude to treat their life,I want to tell all: Changing my way of thinking,and optimistic to life.

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One day the fat woman go to showplace.

She is always one there.

But she didn't care.A pair of lovers behind the fat woman are noisy.

Suddenly,they whispered."The woman is so fat,blocking my view!"the girl said.

"Can you know?Her waist thick than you."

"She has such a big body!"

"Can you imagine her fingers are so thick?"

"And I can not imagine her arms..."the pretty girl said.

The fat woman accidentally heard everything.

The couple pretend nothing has happened.

You also know that fat woman doesn't care about it."I am fat,can you?"This is her attitude .

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