婴宁 Ying Ning
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标签: 婴宁 Ying Ning 

Ying Ning

In Chinese history, people began to limit females’ behaviors from the Song Dynasty(960 - 1279 AD) until Qing Dynasty(1644 - 1912 AD). Women were not allowed to meet any male strangers, even their cousins; they were not allowed to exposed their teeth when they were smiling; they were not allowed to go out of their house except to attend a few festivals.In this case, a male writer Pu Songling(1640 - 1715 AD) stood out and created many brave fairy figures to satirize and speak against the authority of the feudal ethics. Yingning was one of the most outstanding fox fairies from his collections of short fictions. My story was recreated according to the story of Yingning(婴宁) from the collection short fictions The Strange Tales(聊斋志异).

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