考文垂地图 Coventry Maps
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描述:本系列插画为画者在英国考文垂市生活时,根据当地的裸体骑马的戈黛娃夫人(The Lady Godiva)、摇滚乐队(The Specials)、二战炸毁教堂(Ruined Cathedral)、在当地拍摄的电影(The Italian Job偷天换日)、怀表收藏与世界大战烈士纪念公园等所在地地形与人事物为内容绘出的地图。

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Coventry Maps

Map is a kind of artwork that includes people’s subjectivity and imaginations. It is very attractive to not only geographers but also to artists because it is a fountainhead of wonderment. As a piece of painting, it has irregular interesting outline; as a media, it is able to transform a three-dimensional, realistic, multiple levels’ space into a pure two-dimensional plane.Coventry is a historical city full of industrial products. It has made a name for itself through the centuries for its rich culture, historical heritages and celebrities, like museums, cathedrals and rock bands.In this series of illustrations, I planned to draw some illustrating maps of the city Coventry. These pictures are just like real maps have irregular outlines as the natural shapes of these places. Besides, these illustrations are following the Steam Punk style with machine parts to suggest Coventry is a world famous old industrial city.

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