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描述:Lunica is a mono-linear interpretation of a serif typeface. Apart from the overshoot of its round glyphs, no optical corrections were made. The striking serifs are shaped like quarter circles. Inspired by handwriting, these geometric flourishes serve as decoration, reappearing in several letters. They are what lends Lunica its quaint, poetic and strong individual character.Lunica was featured in Yearbook of Type 2 by Slanted Publishers and Niggli Verlag.

标签: Type design  Typography  Font  Typeface  monoline  serif 

Lunica Regular, list of assigned characters

Lunica Regular Italic, list of assignet characters

Lunica Thin, Light, Regular, Medium: sample setting

Lunica Thin Italic, Light Italic, Regular Italic, Medium Italic: sample setting

Lunica Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, sample text

Lunica Typeface, promotional poster

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