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描述:《论毕加索》是格特鲁德·斯泰因对从1900年至1937年间她所认识的毕加索的记录,形式上可被归为长篇散文的范畴。书中记述了包括毕加索的部分生平、作者与毕加索的交往经历、对毕加索作品的分析及感受等在内的诸多内容。在书籍设计上,设计师选用了口袋书的尺寸,并以“白皮书”的形式呈现封面,试图剔除所有无效视觉信息,以简练的语言强调书本身的内容。内页中,设计师调宽了版心四周的留白,制造出文本集中紧凑的视觉感受,同时加大了行距,令阅读变得舒缓。对配图的处理,设计师插入了系列的黑白图版,并使其集中出现,使配图呈现出文献性而非仅仅作为对文字的点缀。“Picasso” is an long essay by American writer and art collector Gertrude Stein that first published in 1938. It recounts Stein’s personal affiliation with Pablo Picasso from 1900 to 1937 in Paris. The book starts with Picasso’s upbringing, and goes to talk about her views on the artist and his immediate crowd. For the design, designer chose the standard size of pocket books, and eliminated all non-necessary informations from the cover, leaving a clean and precise feel. The cover does not distract readers from the text of the book. In the text, designer purposefully left the margin wide with the text closely in the center. He believes by doing so and enlarging the distance between lines, it compresses the text and slows the

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