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描述:For over a decade, each Friday morning sees a number of demonstrations in the occupied territories of Palestine. Inhabitants of villages located at the border between West Bank and Israel protest against construction of the controversial separation barrier and what they call a land theft. Sling-shooters are at the forefront of each demonstration. For Israelis they are stirring violent confrontations and are considered delinquents; for Palestinians they are a symbol of rebellion and considered freedom fighters. The weekly clashes symbolises modern, and reversed, biblical fight between David and Goliath: teenagers vs. soldiers; stones vs. bullets. Boys as young as 10 practice and participate in what has become a weekly ritual for them. A teenage-hood rebellion practice that, if caught, can cost them at least 9 months in prison. Regardless of the consequences, sling-shooters became - and continue to be - one of the symbols of Palestinian rebellion.

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