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描述:The communication system between the handler and the dog is all about commandments. It might seem to be normal commands to police dogs but looking closely it is actually hacked by a third person, which is a group of people who become discriminatory towards other groups of people in the society. This happened when people take their belief in stereotypes too far. The commandments reflect today’s society. The handler who is originally the police is now replaced with the citizens, and the dog is replaced with the police. Some citizens simply have their mindset that police should protect them no matter what, consequently they started to neglect the fact that we are all human beings, also trying to use violence to challenge police’s violence and fight against the rule of law, just to defend the social values that they believed in. These photographs give a sense of selfishness and aggression generally that fits into what the third person or the hackers are like. The commandments also hacked

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