Purearth Rebrand
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描述:Strategy, branding, packaging, website, tone of voice and communications for Purearth Cleanse Ltd.Launched into the UK juicing market, two years ago, in that short time they have seen great success, rising from a small, exclusively online cleanse programme provider to become one of the the most popular and recommended functional juice and detox brands in London and the south of England.However as Purearth has grown, so has the competition. The Purearth founders knew they needed to review their brand strategy and execution in order to strengthen their presence and distinction, take their story to a wider audience and deliver a brand that matched their ambitions. That’s where we came in!The first step was developing a compelling brand idea that captured their point of difference. The next, a creative concept that had the power to transition all the brand’s touch points and comms channels. One with the cut-through and emotion to engage a new audience.The new identity elevates their bottle

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