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客户:Matthew Ames

描述:Non-commercial educational project. The task was to create visual identity for the collection of clothes. Collection Essential (fall|winter 2009) by Matthew Ames was choosen.The project consists of:- logo- business card- invitation- labels on clothes- posters- catalogue- brand-book

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Description of the collection

For his Fall 2009 collection Ames merges quintessentially American colors and fabrics (red, camel, denim, ultra suede) with shapes that belong less to one time or place and more to the girl with a wandering spirit. As for inspiration, Ames explains to Interview Magazine channeling an untroubled mind, or being inspired by nothing…clearness of vision. This can be seen in Ames draping and construction of each piece, held together as seamlessly as possible. I wanted to eliminate the unnecessary and focus on the essential, Ames tells With the trends in fashion, especially with young and emerging designers, leaning more toward a body con look its refreshing to see this new and modern interpretation of femininity. The mail word wchich I used while this project:- minimalism- liquid (water mobility)- purity- natural forms- lineThe concept and implementation of graphic design accompaniment entirely complies the authors view about his collection.

Logotype merges together the clean simplicity of performance and the mobility of ideas. All looks in the collection represents the liquid of material. It just wraps the body. Similary we see in logo: the strong structure (body | letters) and mobile cover (textile | black shell). White lines over the shell relate to the folds of fabric which in the same way brakes the form.

Business card consists of thin strips, joined at the edges. Whle being touched or putted in the bag it changes its shape, which makes it seem different every time. All the looks in the collesction also have only basic shape construction, but the details of its visualisation are fluid.

Invitation card like business card consists of thin stripes, but the are used in another way. The stripes turn around creatin an amusing surface. Moreover it also fluid as the stripes can be turned around in many different combination. While holdint the card in hands, looking on it from different sides the information on it becomes seen more clear or hides bthind the stripes.

While designing the label on clothing another variant of the collection name is used (simple text with long letter spacing). This is made no to make the label too heavy, as there is no looks in collection which looks not light. Due to the same aim was choosen its shape (long thin and have two layers). Several layers in the structure, all from clothes design.

Posters were printed on tracing paper, mekin them more light. 3 posters were made, the have the same modular grid, same heading, footer.. the only difference is the information about the event.

All posters

The catalogue of the collection was all printed on tracing paper to underline the huge number of layers. Moreover was used wide range of repetition: same photos, words etc. with little difference in interpritation. Some pages are left free of content to show the clearance of his work. Other pages are cut in lines to make shape more liquid. The book ends with red color, as an accent in the collection line.

Several pages from catalogue

Several pages from catalogue

Several pages from catalogue

Several pages from catalogue

Several pages from catalogue

Several pages from catalogue


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