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描述:Run is an association that promotes sport in the unprofessional sport community, and works on expanding such activity. It does that by focusing on competition, which is probably the most vital factor in all sports, and it is what makes sports so interesting. How does it do so? by making rankings in every sport available in the community it runs, and by implementing the Match-Up option, which is feature that enables users to arrange games by sending a Match-Up request, updating the scores, and so improving their position if they were winners. And to make the competition worth it, Run gives prestigious and financial awards to winners. It also enables them to participate in local tournaments if they are interested in taking their athletic interest to a professional level. Run organizes marathons, 3x3 basketball, 5x5 football championships, and other various events. It also produces some athletic outfits and equipment, mostly as give-away, and prizes. Just so everybody knows there is champ

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