Narwhal Inc
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客户:Narwhal Inc

描述:Narwhal Inc. insisted that the image of the narwhal (the sea creature) has to be there! And they needed a colorful, vibrant, youthful logo which will represent the dynamic nature of the brand. Initially I struggled with the shape of the narwhal, did not know how to graphically incorporate the spiral horn with the rest of the body within the same stylistics, till I figured out one could use the spiral horn to unravel to form the rest of the body, like ribbons.

标签: Narwhal  Aquatic  Symbol  Logo  Brand  Colors  Rainbow  Spiral  Creature  Fish  Animal  Sea  Ocean 

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shibu (12/30/11 18:28)
nice work
Karl Design (12/29/11 05:16)
Well done!