Figula Wine Label
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描述:The primary inspiration of the graphic is the term of dűlő, which word is allude to the co-directional furrows and cut-off lands, and the land between of this are the accommodation road. Traditional term, used from the 14th century, created because of the equal apportionment of land, like this the holders can share in across the board of the different parts of the field. I tried to create this traditional thing simpler and remodeling for a sign, which can clearly reflect for making wine, the importance of land, the role of property and the priority of these things. The rhythmical lines are symbolize regular alternation, regularity and repetition, try to refer for the year to year sprouting grape that typify quality and reliability and trees are visualize the nature and playfulness. The appearing monogram between the dűlő is represent the holder and the well recognizable identity of the wines. The red colour transmit vitality, the black one create order.

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