Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School Branding
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客户:Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School
创造年份:2013 December

描述:This identity series is designed for the 10th Anniversary celebrate events of the Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School which has been established in the art teaching business in Toronto for over 10 years. Since the background of the school offers art development programs for all ages with emphasis in both creativity and technique, the branding symbol was created with an enlightened thinking paint bucket. It has been adapted to different illustration styles for various promotion and design. The original corporate logo was applied with a water colour texture version and a solid flat colour version only. In the 10th Anniversary promotions, the logo was adapted to a vibrant colour to bring out the bold and modern creative image of the school. A paint brush was added on the side of the paint bucket to make up the shape of 10 to highlight the celebration of the decade. Matching design elements such as paint splashes in right contrast colours were created to be adapted throughout the ser

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Image 1 - Corporate Identity

Logo Versions

Poster and banner

Banner sample

Anniversary Art Show

The 10th Anniversary logo is also applied to various promotional Items such as buttons and calendar.

Certificates to honour guests and awarded students

Art Show labelling

business card

Creative illustrations adapted from corporate logo symbol

In the Grand Opening of the 10th Anniversary the art school for over 10th years were invited to paint the logo icon as a special opening ceremony of the event.

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