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客户:Russian Designers Union

描述:In 2013, the Russian Designers Union decided to organize an international student competition in industrial design; its final stage took place in Yekaterinburg at the largest Russian industrial exhibition INNOPROM. Industrial design gurus, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid and Roger van der Heide were invited as judges of the competition. Unlike conventional brands, the name of the competition does not have to be unique, but it should be short and concise. So we proposed the name “FORMA” as the most accurate, simple and clear in many languages. The ideas set in the name were further developed in logotype design through an elegant and original type solution, referencing the essence of industrial design. Neutral gray was selected as the main color being a symbol of impartiality of the jury.

标签: industrial design contest  student award  logo design 

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