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描述:Oasis World is an international travel company, working in the vacation rentals industry and providing travel services to clients from Russia and other CIS countries. Pareo, a piece of cloth, decorated with colourful pattern is central to the company identity system. The image of pareo flying in the wind against the blue-sky background delivers sensations of happiness, freedom, joy and pleasure, associated with being on holiday in a tropical resort. The pattern on the pareo comprises images of fantastic birds, flowers and flower-birds, they are rendered with color gradients, similarly to the company mark - a flying bird of paradise, representing travel and exotic beauty of the tropics. The design was heavily influenced and inspired by exotic tropical nature and wildlife, the fantastic flowers, birds and "flower-birds" from the pareo pattern in a certain way resemble some of the real tropical animals and plants (turtledove, sterlitzia, also known as bird-of-paradise flower). The simi

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