Home by Nature
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描述:HOME by nature The BriefThe brief was to create a brand identity for a series of olive oils and other olive based products with the potential to expand to other goods in the future, beyond the food industry. The target audience is Greek and foreign "health concsious" costumers, people who value quality in their everyday life. The ConceptThe real story of the man behind the brand, the founder of the company,inspired this projects conceptual story: A man left his homeland to achieve his goals in the city and years after, he returned a wiser man to carry on his family business and to pass on to the world (his target market) his family ethics such us the values of loving, nurturing and sharing. The conceptual story became also the Brand Philosophy and lead to the brand name, “Home”, as well as to the product names “Home Spirit”, “Home Scent” and “Home Made” and the tagline “Worth Sharing”. Embracing the Greek hospitality, the message behind the brand and tagline is that HOME products are

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