what’s wrong with you
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描述:what’s wrong with you

标签: what’s wrong with you 

鸟,你怎么了? (birds, what’s wrong with you?)当鸟儿来到这所谓繁华的都市,有没有料想到这样的后果呢? (would birds foresee the consequence when they fly to the so-called metropolis?)

胃,你怎么了? (stomachs, what’s wrong with you?) 动物没有想到的结果,人类的胃没有想到的后果。 (Neither the animals expect the result nor the stomachs of human beings anticipate the effect.)

鱼,你怎么了? (fishes, what’s wrong with you?) 当鱼儿用最后的生命写下SOS,它能得救吗?(Could fishes to be saved when they send SOS at the end of their lives?)

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