Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother
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创造年份: 2014

描述:Inspired by the Mother Earth

标签: mother  earth  mother earth  baby  child  cosmos  planet  stars 

I tell thee in truth,Man is the SonOf the Earthly Mother,And from her did the Son of ManReceive his whole body,Even as the body of the newborn babeIs born of the womb of his mother.I tell thee truly,Thou art one with the Earthly Mother;She is in thee, and thou art in her.Of her wert thou born,In her dost thou live,And to her shalt thou return again.Keep, therefore, her laws,For none can live long,Neither be happy,But he who honors his Earthly MotherAnd keepeth her laws.For thy breath is her breath,Thy blond her blond,Thy bone her bone,Thy flesh her flesh,Thy eyes and thy earsAre her eyes and her ears.He who hath found peaceWith his Earthly MotherShall never know death.- Quote from The Essene Gospel of Peace

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