Midnight Palace Series
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the midnight priest She is the most powerful person in dark She is wise, she is a mystery She is the teacher and she also controls the magic She, is the midnight Priest

the midnight Queen She is the master of the palace Your Majesty always know how to kill, how to shine and how to show off her beauty She, is the midnight Queen

the midnight General She is protector , the guard She is quiet and low profile She is born and assigned to protect her homeland She, is the midnight General

the midnight jester She is famous but her real name was not known by anyone She lives under the luxury but she is not part of it She is the closest person to the Royal but she is not as important as the others She , is the midnight jester.

Midnight princess of blue She is the future star She is the treasure She shines in dark along with her followers and she is looking for romance in dark She is the midnight princess of Blue

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