The Pat And The Pad
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创造年份: 2014

描述:The story tells some phenomenons about how the digital media influence the children their life and learning. Try to use the simple storytelling to let children know, at the same time, remind parents the importance this issue.

标签: illustration  chameleon  story  rain forest 

The protagonist of the story is a chameleon, Pat. Pat and his friends play happily in the forest everyday.

They will use their sharp eyes and long tongues to catch insects and compete who catches most. What they like most is to use their features to see who can change to the most beautiful colors.

The beginning of the story is that Pat was worrying about the new materials for the competition, and he saw something shining in the thicket.

When he stepped awards, he found it was a shining metal box ! After Pat touched it curiously, the box changed many colors and patterns, and even having sounds. Pat thought it was fantastic and feel excited, so he brought it back to show off with his friends. Everyone also thought it was so cool and expected the box show.

However, since Pat indulged in the box too much, the box gradually alienated him from his friends. His friends were all sad about his change and distance.

Until one day, the box did not shine anymore. Pat found he cannot change any colors and patterns without the box because he already forgot how to use the materials in the rain forest

At this moment, he started to miss the days with his friends before and also found his friends have gone. Finally, he decided to leave the box away and put the beautiful life back.

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