Wildlife, Or Wild Life
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客户:Chang Gung university
创造年份: 2014

描述:My theme of the work is to tell four stories about how our city life just like the animals in the zoo. How we treat them, actually we are living in the same situation.

标签: "Fine arts" "Illustration" "Photography" 

The zoo keeper feeding the animals. Normally, the wild animals have to spend at least one third of their day time on hunting and finding food,but in the zoo, it took only few minutes.Because animals in the zoo only spend few minutes instead of hours to have their meal, just like we people eating fast food, microwave food, we don’t spend a lot of effort to get our meal. So they can eat Mcdonald peacefully together.

You can see some exercise facilities for the animals to play with or climb. For example, like the balls tied on tree and the perches. Can the wild nature environment be replaced by these toys and wooden structures?Animals have limited exercise space, so people place some facilities for them. Just like we city people, we don’t have enough exercise space either, so we need to go to the gym or keep walking in playground racetrack.

Bird cages in the zoo were made taller and wider, and people put few trees, trunks and perches inside. With such a small space, the birds can not really fly.Just like we people go to ride the ferris wheel, we are not really flying in the sky either.

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