Love letter to you
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创造年份: 2014

描述:这是一封给朋友,给家人,给自己的情书。有着迷茫,彷徨,不安,希望,和勇气。平淡生活的每一次感动都让我感到快乐和幸运。This is a letter to a friend, to family, to give their love letters. Confused, anxious, restless, hope, and courage. Every move the simple life makes me feel happy and lucky.

标签: 插画 

仙女和小男孩站在一颗孤单的星球上。不知道方向在哪。Fairies and little boy standing on a lonely planet.They do not know in which direction.

有时候我们总希望能够改变过去。Sometimes we always want to be able to change the past.

音乐可以陪伴大家成长,无论十年还是二十年。Music can accompany you grow, either ten or twenty years.

你是我喜欢的星球。有我最喜欢的样子。You are my favorite planet. There are my favorite look.

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