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创造年份: 2013

描述:Logotype for the City Theater Biel Solothurn. There are two cities, which collaboratively run a theater. The difficulty was that, additional to the two city names and next to the theater also the orchestra has to be included in the logo. Since the theater is located in a bilingual area, all names must be readable in both, in German as well as in French. The letters HE form a bracket between both branches and languages and are as well exclamation (meaning in French and in German such as "Hello").

标签: Logotype  corporate design  theater  orchestra 

Logotype Theater/Theatre Orchester/Orchestre Biel/Bienne Soloturn/Soleure

guide season 2013/14

Invitation for the opening party

Poster for the play “Eine Sommernacht”

Poster for the opera “Il Turco in Italia”

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