Maps of China
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客户:Die Andere Bibliothek, Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin (Germ
创造年份: 2012

描述:Marcus Hernig, “Eine Himmelreise – China in sechs Gängen” (“A Heavenly Journey – China In Six Dishes”), Die Andere Bibliothek Nr. 330, Aufbau-Verlag Berlin (Germany), ISBN 978-3-8477-0330-3“Himmelsreise” is a book on the central role of food culture in Chinese society, politics, business and everyday life. I was commissioned to design maps of the different regions described in the chapters. But what does it count where Sichuan lies? I decided to hide the geography inside and among the dishes.

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A map of China | 中国地图

A map of Beijing | 北京地图

A map of Sichuan | 四川地图

A map of Jiangnan | 江南地图

A map of Guangdong | 广东地图

A map of Taiwan | 台湾地图

Chinese dishes

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