Misbelief: Lost and Found
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客户:School Of Visual Art MFA Visual Narrative Assignme
创造年份: 2019

描述:This is one of my final assignments. All visuals serve to my final animation.Please click handowinhe.com and scroll down to view the video.

标签: illustration  spaceman  lostandfound  misbelief  digital art   

When I lost my spaceship. The little boy sat on the bench, unhappily. He fell into sleep. Space was swirling. floating in the galaxy, he entered into his dream, in which he was a spaceman and just lost his spaceship.

When I lost my planet. All of a sudden, he was blown away.

When I was lost.Lost in the galaxy, he was helpless and scared of the next minute.

When I grabbed it.In a panic, he grabbed a root and climbed up to find a safe place.

When I found a new world.After he climbed to the top, there was a new glowing world in front of him.

When I found happiness. He was immersed in the flowers.

When I found it was a dream.His world was blossoming. Then he woke up and found it was only a dream.

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