Excentrycy - the Excentrics
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创造年份: 2019

描述:EXCENTRYCY is a visual interpretation of Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska's poem. It's in polish. The text copywright is free to use. The book has a form of a illustation poem completed with typography. It shows poem's pace, dynamics and rythm. Poetry is a big inspiration of mine. Book has a handmade cut-out cover with a design. I've translated it on english.not published

标签: illustration  polish illustration  poem  poetry  typography  excentrics  maria pawlikowska jasnorzew 

Cutout cover

Author's name and the title

dancing tonight in the INDRA dance bar

Are Mister Shean with his lady

he's part devilshe's part angel, In mutual tailcoats and top hats

tough as sculptured treeslight as swan's feather

with some freak passion make conjoint moves

They go together, to the left, to the right, removed cigarettes from their mouths

strumbled at the same time, fell down, stood up dance, around

Newest foxtrot Lonah is clashing, Jazzband roars and the lights are flashing

In eternal consent man and wife, excentrics! excentrics!

He grabbed himself by a heart, She has a face all of white

And his heart stops beating, synchronously the dancer's one, Jazzband roars and the lights are flashing

Excentrics, Excentrics!

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