Mr Macagnino
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创造年份: 2017

描述:Sometimes, when you're sad you don't feel like talking to people. That's how Mr Macagnino feels. But a little dog, Rosie needs a walk, and dogs love to make friends!

标签: illustration  children's  book  dogs   

Mr Macagnino is sad.

but a little dog needs a walk

So Mr Macagnino takes Rosie to the park

Rosie has lots of friends

Mr Macagnino starts to like seeing friends too

But one day, Mr Macagnino's bake starts to hurt.

He does't feel like walking

Mr Macagnino's friends miss seeing him

They are worried.

They make a plan.

There is a knock at the door

Mr Macagnino's friends have come to see him

and they have a surprise!

Now Rosie can have her walks. Sometimes she even gets a ride!

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