Dad can we get a dog instead of an ant?
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客户:Martis Books, Greece
创造年份: 2019

描述:A kid asks for a pet. Santa Claus brings him an ant. He tries to treat the ant like a dog and finally realizes that he cannot keep the ant and lets it free. At the end his parents get him a dog. All images are a mix of pen and ink, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator.Published by Martis Books in Greece, 2019

标签: ant  martis  book  children  philphot  dog  watercolor 

the kid wishes to have a pet and wonders what Santa will bring him. Pen, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator

the kid finally gets an ant as a pet.Pen, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator

The kid builds some playground out of paper, but the ant refuses to play. Pen, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator

The kid builds a world with bottles and straws for the ant, in order to protect it, he doesn't want the ant to die- again. Pen, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator

The kid finally lets the ant go free, he realized that the ant is a girl since it does not have wings. Plus all of the ant's family came into the kitchen looking for it.Pen, watercolor, photoshop, illustrator

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