I Want to Fly
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创造年份: 2019

描述:The book is a biography of the first Saudi airplane pilot to navigate the Arabian skies, Nahar Abdelrazzak Alnassar (b. 1936 d.1994). At the age of 23, he was also reported to be the youngest pilot in the world at the time and the first Arab to fly a Boeing. The book is divided into eight chapters that take the reader from Alnassar’s humble beginnings in his home village, his early dream for flying, his career at the oil giant Saudi Aramco, his fervent airplane pilot training to his ascension in

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The book cover and chapter openings use custom-designed lettering inspired by the Nastaliq calligraphic style whose shapes are historically drawn from birds in flight. The lettering pieces are surrounded by cloud formations—typically found in Arabic Nastaliq manuscript traditions—to reference the skies that Alnassar roamed. The lettering is over imposed with a halftone texture that suggests the texture of old newspaper clippings to reference research material that was heavily used by the author to write the book. The cover’s title, “I Want to Fly” (Ar. Oureed an Ateer), is placed over a full duotone image of Alnassar peeking from the window of a Boeing airplane suggesting the title as a speech bubble.

The text is set in a combination of Arabic typefaces from 29LT; 29LTAzer and 29LTMakina, a combination of text typeface and typewriter typefaces to denote the references that were used by the author. The book uses a variety of alignments. Body text and footnotes are justified captions are flushed right and highlights centered.

The pilot’s large collection of accolades is highlighted using a surprise foldout towards the middle of the book.


Inside spread

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