The Orchestra in the Whale
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创造年份: 2018

描述:This is the story told in verse of an orchestra and its musical adventures by sea and on a whale's belly to Cabo Verde.

标签: "Orchestra" "Whale" "Children's book illustration" "Sea" "Music" 

On a sunny day, an orchestra came out on a boat called the Voice Shell toward Cabo Verde.

An orchestra is a happiness factory. Brings forth flowers and wake up dormant waterfalls.

In the morning the singers arrived. They sang famous arias and other lesser-known songs.When they sang they would open their mouths to the breast and their eyes would open until we can look inside, like windows of their heads.

At the fifth day the rehearsal program promised. They rehearsed Debussy, La Mer. The sea felt the music with such truth that began to want to dialogue.

The cellos remembered to imitate dolphins and began to emit high-pitched harmonics. Suddenly the dolphin heads began to appear in the middle of the waves and out of the water like a silver needle in blue fabric.

And the dolphin warning drew every kind of fish out there.

Traveling inside a whale is an epic. They rehearsed in the space of the head, ate the reserve supplies, and slept in the comforts they arranged.

They saw, a few days later, a coral reef and made right there a choral-symphonic concert.

Land in sight!The orchestra appeared at the mouth of the whale and the beach responded with an applause. Music caught everyone around, and the people of Cabo Verde each felt the music in their own way.

When the music stopped, there was a magnificent silence. The conductor let his arm slip. Suddenly the whole beach cheered and palms were so many that flooded the sand.

After the concert, the whale returned to the sea and, leaving the bay, released a splash of water so long that it rained on the moon for the first time.

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