Sur les chevaux orientaux et provenant des races orientales
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客户:National Library of Poland and Qatar Museum Author
创造年份: 2017

描述:A scientific publication of the manuscript "Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenant des Races Orientales“ by Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski published by the National Library in Warsaw in 2017 for the Qatar Museums. INSPIRATION: Beautifully handwritten and illustrated, 3 volumes old manuscript "Sur les chevaux orientaux et provenants des races orientales" by Count Waclaw Seweryn Rzewuski's with authors' illustrations of Arabic culture: horses, historical maps of Arabia, bedouins and arabic habits, music

标签: manuscript  arabic  scientific publication  horses  arabic culture  Rzewuski   

The collection of one language set of 5 books

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