Discover Yourself
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创造年份: 2018

描述:Watercolor mixed media collage Book Size: 10”H X 8” W Image Size: 10”H X 16” W

标签: Discover  Fun  childrens book  illustrations 

Discover Yourself

The story is about Buttercup, a grizzly bear, who does not have confidence to be himself. He uses various paints to cover who he really is and attempts to be like others. Although it is easy to mimic others’ appearance, Buttercup’s unique personality and traits always expose who he really is, which makes him more insecure and unconfident. At the end, Buttercup is able to appreciate his uniqueness and find his strengths with his parents’ help.

There was a bear who lived in the city’s zoo with his parents.

Buttercup tried to cover up his brown color by painting his body. He wanted to have beautiful colors for his fur to look just like other kinds of bears.

Buttercup thought pandas’ black eyes looked lovely, so he wanted to look like a panda. Therefore, he painted himself with black and white. Panda’s family warmly invited him to join them and enjoy their delicious bamboo together.

Buttercup thought the white V mark on the chest of moon bears was very neat, so he wanted to look like a moon bear. Then he painted himself all over with black and drew a white V on his chest. Moon bear’s family sincerely invited him to catch fishes with them.

Fish was Buttercup’s favorite food. He thought moon bear would just be the right fit. Splash ! He jumped into the river excitedly. He focused on learning fishing skills from mommy moon bear.

Little did he know...He forgot the paints on his fur. All the paints were washed away.

Buttercup was so embarrassed and rushing back home.

He was laying on his bed sadly. “Be who you really are and keep discovering what you are good at. That is the most important thing. It is easy to make the appearance look like others, but your uniqueness and knowledge are the elements to make who you are,” daddy bear said softly.

Buttercup was getting more and more attention. Lots of children from around the world came to see his artworks.

After that, Buttercup had full confidence in himself. He not only made friends by painting, but also brought the happiness to everyone!

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